Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers from my garden
Spring flowers from my garden

I always like to save old glass jars and bottles, in fact I have a whole cupboard full of them! In the winter I use them as tea light holders and in the summer they serve as little vases for my flowers.

Bunch of daisies with crochet chain

I have used a crochet chain to tie these lovely daisies together. Crochet chains are great for decorating almost anything.

passata bottle vase

Passata, Italian tomato purée, comes in these bottles that make lovely vases. Many times have I started making little cosies for my passata vases, but I have to admit that so far I have failed to come up with a design that looks better than just the bottle itself in all its simplicity.

Besides passata bottles, among my favourite jar-vases are those for capers and olives. Here I have put some bluebells in a capers jar.

capers jar with bluebells

I love how this mini succulent plant fits perfectly in the olive jar, so that it is suspended in the air.
succulent in glass jar

Do you also like to save old bottles and jars, and what do you use them for?

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