Handmade Doll

My very own handmade doll is finished. What do you think I should name her?



I ended up embroidering her eyes and mouth, which was trickier than I had thought. The stocking fabrick is so stretchy, I had to be very careful not to tighten the thread too much. Next time I make a doll I think I will use a sturdier fabric. Check out this post by Big Little for a gorgeous embroidered doll face.

Her dazzling fuchsia underskirt
Her dazzling fuchsia underskirt

I must show you a couple of photos of one of my grandmother’s angels as well. It has to be around 15-20 years since she made it. Isn’t it lovely?


I wonder how she achieved those perfect corkscrew curls for hair. I thought I used the same method (previous post), but mine relaxed a lot more after I took it off the pencil. If anyone has experience with this I am very keen to hear your view.

My grandmother drew the faces on her angels. She was very talented in the arts when she was younger. I think I would have to practice a lot before I attempted drawing my doll’s face.


4 thoughts on “Handmade Doll

  1. Oooooh! I LUV her! She is so sweet! Have you named her? Why not give her a name that reminds you of your grandmother? Maybe her middle or pet name?

    The hair on the angel is so wonderful! Creative talent runs in your family!


    1. Thank you Kate! Naming the doll after my grandmother is a great idea. I think I will call her Ellen, which is my grandmother’s middle name.

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