Handmade Doll – Work in Progress

A while ago I was playing with picking up crochet loops on my knitting needles without having a clear idea of what I was making. I ended up with something that looked like a little dolls hat. I thought it was quite cute, so I embellished it with a plait and kept it.

My experimental doll's hat
My experimental doll’s hat

Now the time has come to make a doll to go with the hat. I have started making a dress in the same yarn as the hat and using the same technique of picking up the back loops of crochet stitches and continue by knitting in the round. I widen it as I work towards the feet and give it a simple roll edge. I will crochet her an underskirt in a bold fuchsia that will peek through the lace and be visible at the feet. I plan on making a flat circle for bottom and stuff the dress with toy filling. hopefully she will be able to stand up.

Knit and crocheted doll's dress
Knit and crocheted doll’s dress

For head I think I will use a stocking stuffed with toy filling. I have not decided how to make the facial features yet. I will probably either embroider, or use safety doll’s eyes. What do you think? Can I leave it at giving her just eyes, or should I go for a mouth and nose as well?

Her hair I am making the same way my grandmother made the hair for her lovely angels. Garden twine that is curled by soaking and then left to dry tightly wound around a pencil!


I will keep you posted on how she turns out.

6 thoughts on “Handmade Doll – Work in Progress

  1. Hello. I’m a new blogging buddy and new follower. Your merch is sooooooo cute. I love this little doll hat and hair. Can’t wait to see the underskirt! I would embroider the facial features…. just two tiny dots for a nose and a cute pout-ish mouth.

    Following you on twitter, too… @repurposedkate

    my blog: Repurposedkate.wordpress.com

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