Granny Squares

This is what all crocheters are bound to encounter at some point in our crocheting careers; the much loved granny square. They are so fun to make and easy to memorise, after you have made a couple you can crochet them while watching television without having to concentrate or refer to a pattern.


My first full size granny square blanket.
My first full size granny square blanket, with matching cushion covers.

I made this blanket five years ago as my second large scale crochet project. Managing to make a square a day or so it took me a good few months to finish.

Traditionally the granny square is made of leftover wool or wool blend yarns of varying weight. Once there are enough squares they can be sewn or crocheted together into a blanket or other item. The granny square gets its name from the notion that only grandmothers have time to make them.

A beautiful daisy variation of the granny square. PHOTO BY Jenn Poort of Color'n Cream
A beautiful daisy variation of the granny square, crocheted in cotton. PHOTO BY Jenn Poort of Color’n Cream

The gorgeous granny square baby blanket above has been crocheted by my fellow Etsy seller Jenn Poort of Color’n Cream in Holland. Isn’t it pretty? I am sure it would make any baby smile.

Hand crocheted granny square blankets often sell at very competitive prices on Etsy and at craft fairs, considering the amount of work that goes into making them, so it is worth keeping an eye out.

If you would like to have a go at making granny squares yourself, here is a good basic tutorial in UK notation by Little Tin Bird: Granny Square tutorial.


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  1. Those are both lovely blankets – so much variation possible with granny squares. I’m more of a knitter but I do always have a pair of granny square slippers, and it’s fun picking new colour combos!

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