Easter Eggs


Easter eggs hanging from a twig.
Easter eggs hanging from a twig.

The other day I mentioned to my husband how nice it would be to have some decorative Easter eggs in my Etsy shop. His reply was that he finds it very hard to imagine how any sane person could stand in front of a decorative egg and say “this is exactly what I need in my home right now“. Considering how well decorative eggs have fared through times I will have to side with the Tsar of Russia and Mr Fabergé on this one (sorry Hubby).

This year I am revisiting my old papercraft hobby and am doing decoupage eggs.

Decoupage eggs

Easter Egg Materials.

Decoupage eggs are a great craft if you think that your home would benefit from a decorative egg or two (or ten). There are faux styrofoam and plastic eggs to buy in craft shops, but I prefer to use real chicken or goose eggs for this.

You will need:

Eggs, Magazines or printouts, Pin, Glue, String, Toothpicks, Bead caps

Clean the eggs thoroughly. Prick a hole each end of the eggs with a pin and use the pin to make the hole slightly larger. Blow one end so that all that is inside comes out the other end. Rinse the eggs well. Leave to dry.

Tear or cut out pictures from magazines or print your own designs with a printer. Sort into piles for each egg. I like to colour coordinate.

Glue your paper cuttings to the eggs with pva glue, leaving the top hole clear if you want to hang them. I didn’t worry to much about a few little crinkles. It is not easy mapping a flat shape to a curved surface! Apply 2-3 more layers of glue for a smooth glossy finish.

Decoupage easter eggs.
Decoupage easter eggs.

To hang:

Break toothpicks into 2 cm pieces and tie string around the toothpick pieces. Insert the toothpick into the top hole of the eggs and pull lightly on the string. You can string a bead cap and glue onto the top of the egg to hide the hole for a neater finish.

Finished hanging egg with bead cap.
Finished hanging egg with bead cap.

I think I will keep these eggs for myself, but please visit my shop for some other new additions.

Check out these fabulous eggs for more inspiration:



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